Adiant FAQ

  • 1. What Ad Formats Are Available?
    We currently support banner ad sizes: 300x250 , 728x90 , 160x600 more sizes will be added soon. You can also send in a message for a custom ad size and we will try to accommodate you..
  • 2. When and How Do I Get Paid?
    Payment Terms - Net30. Publishers are paid via PayPal only and payments are processed 30th of the month for the previous months earnings. So for money earned in the month of July would be paid to you before 15th of September. This helps us to calculate fraud traffic and remove invalid clicks, impressions as well as potentially unwanted publishers from sending fraud/bot/fake generated traffic and clicks. All traffic is detectable and we also use advertiser feedback when it comes to publishers being paid. If you try to cheat you will be caught and banned, as well as have your IP, email and site URL passed onto all ad network and exchange partners.
  • 3. What Sites Do You Accept?
    Only functioning high quality sites are accepted. If you site is poorly designed and lacks any meaningful, quality content then do not bother to apply to us. Sites that are rejected are rejected because they lack quality, traffic and pose no interest to our advertisers.
  • 4. Do you Accept Adult Ads?
    NO. Accounts that submit adult orientated websites will be banned and all earnings will be removed.


  • Sites must receive at least 5,000 impressions per month.
  • We do not accept free blogspot sites or weebly sites. You must have your own hosting and own the domain name.
  • Sites must be functioning correctly, be active. be receiving real visits and must not host excessive ads.
  • Sites must not contain indecent material or link to adult or indecent material.
  • Sites must not encourange ad clicks or be designed in a way to simply host multiple ads to inflate earnings.
  • No auto surf, paid to promote or similar sites will be accepted, applying with these sites will result in imediate deletion of your account.
  • 7. You must own the site you submit, submitting sites you do not own will result in account deletion. For a full list of our publisher terms of service please see HERE.

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